Re-thinking information

Anipart is a unique tool-set for creating, updating and distributing service manuals and training information to your organization. Real-time 3D-manuals guide you in how to service products, which spare parts to order and where these components are located. In addition Anipart can be used to show how to assemble and disassemble products. All this, packaged in a user-friendly experience for PC, web and iPad.


Increase product value

By combining text information, product data and media content, the end result gives greater value and a more effective user experience. When you create content with Anipart for a certain use, it is easy to adapt the information for different purposes and maintain a single information source. 3D is embedded where it adds value. Anipart handles images, videos and documents such as pdf, exe, etc.

Always correct information

The end user does not have to take responsibility for keeping the information up-to-date. It is automatically handled by the update software Aniupdate. After the information is published or updated, Anipart will download new content when started. The update will only include the altered files to reduce download time.

Control your process

The complete process of creating, maintaining and distributing content via Anipart can be handled independent of Animech. This means that we provide training and support for you to take complete control of the process. If needed, we can of course support you in creating parts of the content.

Product training before launch

By using 3D CAD drawings, instructions can be created before the product is available in serial production, making it possible to start product training earlier. If you have created material for product training, the instructions can be reused for service or vice versa. An existing customer reduced time needed for face to face training by a couple of days, due to sharing visual instructions in advance of the training event.

Anipart also enables the possibility to show, demonstrate and educate without having the product physically available.

Easy to find relevant information

When using 3D, it is possible to access information just by clicking on a component or section of interest within the product, instead of searching through the text.

The information is organized related to the product structure, from high-level down to “nuts and bolts”. The use of tabs enables the information to be divided into usage areas (for example; product features, spare parts, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, technical data, etc.). This enables the user to know where to find information and possibly more importantly when to stop searching, since all information has a specific location within the structure.

Update and maintain 3D objects

When updating the 3D-content you can use a visual comparison tool in Anipart Studio to visually match any replaced or new objects. When replacing a 3D object, the properties of that object are inherited by the new one. This eliminates the need to update old animations manually and makes it easy to keep 3D information up-to-date. In comparison, a pre-recorded video often needs significant work-up when a part is replaced.

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Detailed product visualization

"Our technicians can train even before the product has been manufactured."

Stefan Eriksson, Service Specialist,
GE Healthcare

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