What is 3D-visualization?

What is 3D-visualization?

Staffan Hagberg, Chief Marketing Officer
Staffan Hagberg, Chief Marketing Officer

In recent years 3D visualization has become one of the most important methods when it comes to creating high-quality digital content. Today the technology is widely used in many different industries, and entails great benefits for all. Not least to create inspiring product experiences for their customers and for marketing purposes.

What is 3D-visualization?

3D visualization is a collective term for a multi-step process that also includes 3D modeling and 3D rendering. Slightly simplified, it can be said that 3D visualization means that an image in 2D is converted to 3D. A 3D model can, unlike a 2D model, be rotated and viewed from different angles. Therefore, the technology is optimal for – among other things – product visualization and marketing, and is used by companies in many different industries. It can be companies that want to develop a new product and convey a clear picture of the product to their customers – or their employees – even before the product has started to be manufactured. The purpose of using 3D visualization is to create a clear image of something. It can be a house, an apartment, a neighborhood, a vehicle, machinery or a greenhouse. 3D visualization gives a completely different experience and perception of what a product will look like compared to showing sketches.

Where is 3D-visualization being used?

The gaming industry is perhaps the best known example of industries that use 3D visualization. The construction industry and real estate industry are also two examples that have extensive experience of the technology. Thanks to 3D visualization, for example, a real estate agency can visualize its objects in such a clear way that a customer actually buys a house or an apartment, compared to if 3D visualization had not been used. But it is not only in the construction or real estate industry that 3D visualizations can be of great benefit. The automotive industry, the medical technology industry, the film and advertising industry are others to mention.

How is 3D-visualization used?

The technique of 3D visualization is used in almost all industries, both in terms of product development and marketing. Not least in the corporate world, where it is important to explain product offerings in a clear way. It’s a lot about the little, short
moment that a company has to capture the interest of its consumers before they move on. It is important to be able to satisfy the interest with something that is easy to absorb, such as a picture, a film or real-time 3D. If you, as a customer, were to visit a website that shows two A4 sheets of text, very few customers would probably linger there.
Making CAD drawings for new products is also about 3D visualization, where you can see the technical aspects of a product. For example, you can design a handle in 3D before you actually make a mold for it – and make sure that everything works
before you actually manufacture the product.

3D visualization for marketing purposes

“A picture says more than a thousand words” is a familiar expression – which makes sense. There are many benefits from using 3D visualization. It can already be used for marketing of existing things, but also for products that are not yet to be manufactured. Today, most large companies create their marketing materials through 3D visualization. It is not only cost effective and gives a fantastic result, it also offers a great freedom. Technology solves many problems and limitations. Thanks to 3D visualization, companies can display their products in the best way, which increases both customers’ commitment and understanding of the product.

Better product presentation with 3D visualization

Interactive product presentations in 3D
A large part of a salesperson’s work is to bring it to their customers for demonstration. When the corona pandemic struck it became difficult for salespeople to complete their travels and make customer visits. For example, the hospitals could no longer receive visits, which meant that the salesmen who sold medical devices were stranded at home and could not go out and show off their products.
However, there was a solution to the problem: to get a digital replica of their product. In this way, salespeople could demonstrate their products virtually during web conferencing instead of physically interacting with their customers. The companies that Animech helped were given completely different conditions and could continue to hold customer meetings and sell their products even during the pandemic. Investing in a digital sales tool is a great benefit for companies and something you quickly earn by not having to pay for travel, flights and hotels. There is a lot to gain here in terms of economy, efficiency and the environment, regardless of whether it is a pandemic or not.
Why travel the world to sell your products when you can do it all over the web with really sharp digital sales tools?

Better UX (User Experience) faster
When a customer visits a company’s website with the goal of configuring a car, then it is important that the process is as smooth and enthusiastic as possible. The foundation is about building a tool that is engaging, uplifting and fun for the customer to use. The whole user experience of a sales tool is the key to make the customer positive – and in the long run inclined to buy. It strengthens not only the product, but also the brand, when you care about your customers.

Efficient workflows for salespeople and marketers

Thanks to 3D visualization you can have several meetings per day via the web, and thus avoid time-consuming travel. As a salesperson you can create your own pitch based on the sales tool, and as a company management it is possible to tailor the tool so that there is a finished pitch. In this way it is very quick to train new salespeople.

Companies that visualize their products with Animech

Animech’s customers come from many different industries. Everything from the car industry, life-science, med-tech to companies that sell home furnishings,houses and apartments.