Visuell produktkonfigurator för GE Heathcare

Providing powerful tools for GE Heathcare since 2001

GE Healthcare saw the possibilities with 3D and visualization early and understood how they could benefit from using it in their business. Animech has been a key provider with visualization tools that GE Healthcare use in both pre-production, sales and aftermarket business.


GE Design VR is used by industrial designers at GE to visualize design concepts. Instead of wasting time and money building paper models, designers can now see their concepts in virtual reality. Animech helps GE be more efficient in their pre-production.


Purify App makes it easier for salespeople at GE to explain and configure their products for customers using a realistic 3D model. The configurator will also help customers understand which products they need and at the same time easily order them through GE Healthcare Life Sciences e-commerce system. Animech helps sales at GE Healthcare run smoother.

Aftermarket business

Anipart is a tool for creating interactive service manuals. With real-time 3D the manuals guide service specialists at GE Heathcare how products are served, what spare parts to order and where these components are located. Animech helps GE Heathcare perform better in their aftermarket business.

Quicker trial and error with GE Design VR

A key step in a product design process is prototyping. With GE Design VR, industrial designers at GE Heathcare can easily test design concepts by placing 3D models in a virtual lab and interact with them using a VR headset. With this technique, the designers have time to try out more concepts than with the classical paper model process.

The viewpoint can be shared with teams around the world and generate important discussions. There’s no need to wait for any physical models to arrive.

“As a designer, I want to try out as many concepts as possible. With this tool I have the possibility of failing many times, and that’s the best way into creating brilliant designs.”

The Industrial Designer

Smoother sales with an integrated 3D configurator

When you need to explain something complicated, a 3D model is worth a thousand images. That’s why GE Healthcare needed a 3D configurator for their sales of protein purification tools. Now their salespeople have a visual reference to use when talking to customers.

The 3D configurator is completely integrated with GE Healthcares e-commerce system, which makes it easy to order the selected products with a click.

“The 3D model updates as soon as I add new products. It gives my customers great comfort to see exactly what they are ordering to their labs, and I’s easier for me explain the products for them.”

The Salesperson

A visual tool for service specialists

Since the early 200’s, thousands of field service engineers around the world at GE Heathcare have been using interactive service manuals made with Anipart when disassembling, ordering and assembling products. This has led to a decrease of error in the ordering or spare parts, a more effective training of new engineers and a quicker way of updating information.

Anipart is not only used by field service engineers. It’s also a handy tool for when product managers, researchers or applications specialists need to discuss different issues.

“I don’t have to search through a lot of text to find the information I need. I just click on a part to find right information.”

The Field Service Engineer

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