Planning tool for customized storage solutions

Flexible storage systems from Elfa of Sweden have been among the world’s best since 1948. Their range includes an almost infinite array of options in made-to-measure sliding doors and custom-designed systems for free standing, wall or door-mounted storage for every conceivable space and consumer requirement in the residential market.

3D configuration

Customize your storage


Elfa wanted to show their customers that they have storage solutions and made-to-measure sliding doors for every possible space and requirement. They wanted to educate customers to understand the huge range of products and combinations available, and enable planning of everything from a small bookshelf to full-scale wardrobe solution. Elfa needed an appealing and user-friendly visualization to make their huge range and the complexities of spatial planning easy and fun to navigate.


Animech created the Elfa Consumer Planning Tool for direct access from the client website. Customers could now design and visualize custom storage solutions for every home interior. The visually appealing and user-friendly 3D tool allows users to customise a blank wall space or inspirational room by dragging and dropping products from an Elfa product library into a photo-realistic interior. After planning their storage fixtures, customers can instantly generate an order list and price quote.


By investing in this state-of-the-art 3D Consumer Planning tool, Elfa promoted their brand with an attractive website visualization facility created for consumers with minimal design or computing skills. Not only does the tool provide appealing and realistic images, it also makes the huge range of Elfa storage solutions easier for customers to find their way around in, and plan for in their own home. Thanks to its usability, customers have the confidence to design storage for more interiors and fulfil their dreams with Elfa.

The 3D visualization makes it easy to order made-to-measure sliding doors


User-friendly and fun

"Animech are curious, innovative and prestige-free. And they’re good at sharing their expertise."

Marcus Grimerö, Product Manager,
Elfa International

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