The answers to the most commonly asked questions

Are we dependent on Animech for updates of our product data?

No, you can make the changes yourself in Aniconfigurator Studio.


Can we update our prices easily?

Yes, you can update the prices yourself manually in Aniconfigurator Studio. You can also establish an integration so that the prices get automatically updated from your business system.


In what ways can we integrate Aniconfigurator into our website?

Aniconfigurator Client can be integrated like a modal, an independent microsite or embedded as an iFrame.


Can we easily adapt the product so that it feels like a part of our brand?

Absolutely! You can easily adjust our standard interface by adding typefaces, colors, etcetera from your graphic profile. We can also make client adjustments if you wish to make changes to the interface.


Is Aniconfigurator a standard product?

Yes, and you can adjust, configure, and change your products and product data yourselves without involving Animech. If there are some specific needs, we are very happy to help provide client adjustments.


Can the client be run online and offline?



Is AR & VR supported?

Yes, and the opportunities for what you can do are limitless. You can use Augmented Reality to let your clients place your products in a chosen environment. Or you can use Virtual Reality to let your clients experience your products as if they were standing beside it, sitting inside it, experiencing it as if in reality.


Which 3D-formats are supported?

We can work with most 3D-formats, but we prefer STEP or FBX formats.


Is the product able to generate an RFQ?

Yes, we can generate an RFQ to, for example, PDF format. As a standard, we generate a result of the configured products and article numbers. The result is normally being sent to a business system or is being used for generating an RFQ.


What applications can you integrate with?

We have not encountered a system yet that we can’t integrate to. Some examples of successful integrations are IBM webSphere commerce, SAP Hybris, Sitecore, Oracle and ShopSetup.

Additional questions?

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