The features.

Online and offline support

Getting a headache over your client’s weak wifi? We prefer not to take any risks. This is why we have used the latest technology to ensure that you can run Aniconfigurator online and offline on your PC or Mac. Your sales tool should be your power tool.

Standard user interface

Getting started with 3D-visualization is finally made easy! Our standardized interface lets you create a customized configurator without any programming needed. Add colours, logo and icons, and you are ready to go.

Works on all devices

Shopping on the sofa should always be an option. Let your customers be free in the way they are experiencing your product. Aniconfigurator works in the browser on your computer, tablet and phone.

3D-visualization support

Do you want to engage your customers? Let them interact with your product to explore all of its’ options by adding a 3D representation. Whenever your customers make a selection, the 3D model updates in real-time.

AR Support

What if your customer would like to see your product in the right environment before deciding? No problem. Our configuration visualization can be linked to an AR application that streams the 3D model of the chosen configuration in Augmented reality.

VR support

Give your customers an experience they won’t forget. Our configurator engine supports stunning high-quality VR experiences using Unreal Engine as the visualization platform. That means that you can use the same rules and data from your web configurator to create a stand-alone VR experience using, for example, Oculus or HTC Vive headsets. The application can also be made into a WebVR experience and work directly in your browser.

AC Studio

This is the control room. This is where changes are made to the configurator application. Maintain and create product data (if you don’t have a PLM system), create rules, control how the 3D views are set, how components move, localization and prices. This is also where quick changes to your interface are made. When done editing, updated data can be pushed to the client and ‘voila!’ The client application is up-to-the-minute and current.

Smooth data integration

Now to some technical matters. The valuable data generated in the configurator is stored as a JSON object and will be sent out to your prefered system via REST API. Other options are also available. Since we are the tech magicians, we have many tricks up our sleeve.

Integration with your systems

Integration with e-commerce and PLM systems is something that we are used to. Since information from our system can be sent or received as a JSON object that is the way we prefer for integrating into other systems. Some of the systems we have integrated to; IBM webSphere commerce, SAP Hybris, SiteCore, Oracle, ShopSetup.

Experience the difference.

Boosted sales

When customers see what that extra option will do for the product it’s hard to resist. Aniconfigurator increase order value.

Shorter sales cycles

Engineering rules are built into the configurator, so there is no longer a need to get the experts involved in every purchase.

Reduced costs

Manual configuration, errors and administration are avoided. Language barriers in international markets is no longer a problem.

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