The Kånken backpack configurator

Fjällräven’s iconic and immensely popular backpack Kånken has been carried by both children and adults since 1978. Fjällräven’s customers now have the opportunity to personalize their own unique Kånken-backpack and visualize it in real-time 3D directly on their website. The configuration options are so many that every person in the world could have a unique Kånken.

"The level of detail in the Kånken 3D-representation from Animech is truly outstanding!"

Charlie Enlund Ekberg, Product Owner Innovation
Fenix Outdoor

Fjällräven wanted a 3D configurator so that their customers could customize, visualize and order their own unique Kånken backpack. Animech, who are experts when it comes to configuration and 3D visualization on the web, was of course happy to help out. Fjällräven also had the idea that it should be possible to configure the backpack in 100.000 billion unique combinations so that every person in the world could carry a unique Kånken.


We used our own WebGL-based software Aniconfigurator to tailor Fjällräven’s new 3D configurator. The configurator can be accessed directly from Fjällräven’s website through a smartphone, tablet or desktop with no installation needed. The customer can easily combine the backpack’s various attributes such as straps, pockets and colors and visualize it in real-time 3D. Throughout the configuration process, the 3D-model can be rotated so that the customer can get a clear view of the backpack from all angles. It maintains a high photorealistic quality and is optimized for the web.


We have moved the boundaries of how good-looking 3D visualization on the web can be and how photorealistic it can look. This opens up a whole new market and a lot of opportunities for the fashion industry to sell configurable products online. The 3D configurator blends in seamlessly on Fjällräven’s website. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface everyone, regardless of technical experience, now can experiment freely and visualize their own dream backpack. Kånken can currently be customized in 100.000 billion unique combinations which means that the chance two people are doing the exactly same configuration is minimal.


Realtime in your browser

Design your Kånken bag anywhere! Our configurator works seamlessly across platforms and devices, on the run or from the comfort of your couch.