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Visual configurator for customer focused sales

The future of learning involves interaction. To better understand a product we need to do more than just read about it – we need to move, try, and examine it. GE Healthcare and Animech have been collaborating around different product configurators and service tools for over 15 years, so when GE Healthcare replaced the market standard in protein purification instrumentation, Animech made sure the new generation technology was complemented by the latest technology in sales tools.


In 2012 GE Healthcare Life Sciences launched the chromatography system ÄKTA™ Pure. A customizable product that can be configured in over a million different combinations, therefore it was crucial for their global sales force, which consisted of over 300 salespeople all over the globe, to have a smart, intuitive and versatile sales tool for iPad’s. The new tool also had to help the customers understand all the different benefits and add-ons, allowing them to examine the product for themselves online.


By defining the most interesting areas to focus on, this project resulted in the latest technology in sales tools; an interactive experience to be used on iPad’s as well as online, where one could examine different objects while learning about, and choosing from, the vast range of options and consumables. Key features and benefits are explained in short videos. The new tool made it possible for GE’s customers to get a good feel of the new instrument even before talking to a sales person. The primary reason for developing the sales tool for ÄKTA™ Pure was to demonstrate the benefits of adding different options to the system, such as extra detectors and valves, but also to speed up the sales process by making it easy to generate a quotation including all needed parts.


The launch of the new system and sales tool was considered a huge success. Not only did the tool speed up the sales process, it gave the product a “must-have-feel”. Furthermore, sales skyrocketed, resulting in the average selling price to increase due to more customers realizing the benefits of the systems add-ons. Later on, other ÄKTA™ systems have been added to the sales tool. In 2018 GE Healthcare launched a new chromatography system, ÄKTA™ Pilot 600. Besides the sales and service tools, Animech also created an interactive marketing visualization tool, allowing customers to examine the new system online.

"Discover ÄKTA™ is more than a sales tool, it´s the first interactive hands-on experience for our next generation protein purification products. This tool helps us to be more customer focused and keep an easy and visible supported communication with our customers through the entire sales process."

Axel Parbel, European Marketing Manager
GE Healthcare

“Discover ÄKTA™ allows me to sell in a relaxed and informal manner with my customers. They can design their own ÄKTA™ Pure on my iPad over cake and coffee. The layout and videos open a world of possibilities and fire the customer’s imagination leading to a brilliantly spec’d system and a very enthusiastic customer."

Penny Hamlyn, Product Specialist
GE Healthcare

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