Get started

Get started.

The 8-step guide to releasing your own configurator


Tell us your goals

Start by telling us about your business and your product. What do you want to configure? How is your sales process today, and what would you like to change? What do you want to achieve?


Let's analyze

Now, we want to know more about your product. We look into your product data, how the product can be customized, your current files and what formats are supported today. In some cases, a prestudy will be carried out.


Get a quote

When we know more about your business it’s time to get to the numbers. We will give you a quote and let you decide in peace.


Take off

Let’s get to work! We start off by planning out the next steps for the project. Then it’s time to start gathering files, product information and other materials.


Add the look and feel

The next step is visual. This is where we create the 3D model of your product, with all the right colours and textures. In this step, we also add all your brand assets to the configurator’s interface.


Connect the dots

This is where we bring the configurator to life. All the data gets connected in our studio; where we configure how the configurator behaves, as well as connecting product data and 3D files.


Test before release

The configurator is almost complete. Before release, you need to take it for a test ride to see how it rolls. All good? Then we move on to the last step.


Release and party

This is the part where you press the button and make your configurator public. You are now ready to sell in a completely new way. But before that, we party!

Ready-to-go interface

It’s easy to get going with Aniconfigurator. The newest feature is a standardised interface that can be customized without any programming needed. Just add brand assets like logo, colours and icons. In no time, your configurator will have the right look and feel.
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Let customers be free

Anconfigurator works seamlessly on all devices and without plugins so that your customers can enjoy your product experience wherever they want. It’s also easy to access. Your sales force, and customers, simply go to your web site, from any device, to start configuring. No need for additional, timeconsuming, downloads.
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Complete with VR or AR

Give your customers that little extra. Augmented reality is great for letting customers place your product in a chosen environment, like a greenhouse in that corner of their garden. Virtual reality is perfect for when you want them to feel like they are standing next to your product, or sitting inside it. Make your product come alive to satisfy your customers and at the same time add value to your business.
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