A configurator for life's most important purchase

From the heart of Småland, Hjältevadshus has been building quality houses since 1947 with their famous building technique. They decided that it was time to take their sales process to the next step. Now customers are able to build their dream houses with a few button clicks from any device, anywhere.


Hjältevadshus was looking for a way to digitalize their sales process in order to streamline the supply chain. They wanted to be able to deliver faster to their customers, shorten their project time and at the same time give their customers an easy and engaging way to plan the house of their dreams.


Aniconfigurator is both a configurator and a visualization tool. It doesn’t only let the customers put together a completely personalized configuration, but also let them see how it’s going to look like. The customers can put together the house of their dreams by choosing frontage, doors, kitchen cabinets and more with a few button clicks. They can instantly get a price quote and, with one more click, send in an RFQ to Hjältevadshus. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and runs smoothly on both desktops, tablets and phones.


Since Aniconfigurator is a two-headed solution, the effects are shown in two different areas. First, it has helped Hjältevadshus cut a substantial amount of expenses by reducing the manual workload. The supply chain is digitalized all the way to production, which means cut costs, no faulty orders and shorter sales cycles. Second, the visualization makes the customers more engaged in the sales process and more confident about their choices. That makes sales go up and returns go down. In short: Aniconfigurator has lead to cut costs, boosted sales and happy customers.


Watch your dream become reality

Plan your house on the go. The configurator works perfectly on a wide variety of platforms and device sizes. Press enter for configuration choices and space to change the camera.

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