Lucid Dream

The next generation of in-car entertainment

What lies in the future of VR entertainment for autonomous driving? Pushing the limits of what is possible to do with a 3D engine, we have created Lucid Dream – a groundbreaking VR application of the future. We invite the user to enter a dreamlike world while sitting in a moving car. The synchronization of car and user data has been perfectionated to create an experience that leaves the user without any VR sickness.


A large European automobile company came to us asking for a new type of VR experience for the future of autonomous cars. What could be the future of daily commuting? What is possible to do with the latest technology to create a completely new VR application?


We created the cutting edge VR experience Lucid Dream – a parallel universe that puts the user in a relaxed state of mind while sitting in a moving car. By combining movement data from user and car, our application builds up an experience in real time that’s different for every ride. Both the music and the futuristic visuals change dynamically to the speed of the car in order to create a dreamlike feeling. To prevent VR sickness we needed to perfection the synchronization of movement data. This required advanced technical solutions that were made possible by our engineering expertise.


This project demonstrates how we push the limit on what possibilities new technology and 3D can offer the enterprise industry.  We have pushed our VR knowledge to a whole new level. Lucid Dream was showcased at South By Southwest in March 2019 and got overwhelmingly positive responses. People trying the VR experience were amazed by the dreamlike world and how good they felt afterwards. Users that previously had experienced VR sickness from other applications felt great after our ride.