How it works

How it works.

Aniconfigurator is made up of three parts: Studio, Server and Client

Studio: the control panel

The studio is used for creating, viewing and updating all data and content needed to run the configurator client. The 3D-assets that will help you visualize your product are uploaded and managed here, along with scene and camera setups. This is also where all the product data is uploaded or created. For example, price, article number and article description, as well as article and price mapping. Last but not least, product rules are created and managed here.

Client: the user interface

This is the application visible to your customer; the interface where all data and content from the studio comes together to create the configurator. Our built-in template can be customized to fit your specific product and customer journey. The client is browser native, which means that it works on all devices and that no additional downloads are needed.

Server: the storage

The server runs the database which stores all data needed by the studio and client application. System administration tasks can be executed here; like password changes. The database is running on .Net core with a Postgres database. Since we have our own server application, there are no external dependencies of content storing systems.

Some definitions.


Rules are the definitions for how a product, or products, can be configured. They also decide in what way the product is visualized.

Product data

The information needed to present the product to the user, input for applying product rules and article information to compile a meaningful summary and output from the configurator.

Rest API

Standardised API design for exchanging information between web application and server.

3D assets

Models and materials used for visualizing the product.


The default database used by the server.

.Net core

Framework used for the server application.

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