Step into your future apartment

Imagine seeing your future apartment in 3D and experience how the specific choices you make will look, long before the apartment is built. This is now the reality for customers at the Scandinavian constructing and real estate company Nordr. Together with Cadcraft, Modular Management and Filoprocess, Animech has built a system for creating 3D configurators dynamically.


In a housing market characterized by high competition, Nordr needed to stand out from their competitors. Their plan was to build a new brand identity focusing more on customer needs. Veidekke wanted to be the quick and safe choice on the market, as well as being at the forefront of customized sales. They wanted to rewrite the standard for meeting customer needs. And they had an idea: what if customers would be able to walk around and customize the exact apartment they want to buy?


A team made up of several companies was put together to build a system where 3D configurators can be created dynamically. When complete, Nordr would be able to produce one configurator for every single apartment they are selling. Animech built “The Furnishing Planner”, an application where decorators at Nordr can decide configuration options for every room in an apartment, set sunlight, as well as placing out props and viewpoints. When the choices are made, they can easily create the client configurator by hitting a single button.


Thanks to this dynamic system, Nordr has scaled the possibility of selling apartments faster and more efficiently. Their complete sales process has been digitalized, which means a saving of both time and money. More importantly, they can make their customers more satisfied by being even more efficient and by offering a sales tool that’s unique within real estate. Long before the apartments are built, customers will be able to visualize their customized changes. Nordr is now showing the way into the future of real estate sales.

The client configurator

A powerful sales tool

This is where Nordrs potential customers make their first contact with their dream apartment. What they meet is a well-decorated home that they can customize to match their taste.

“I love being able to see how a change of wallpaper affects the look of my apartment. It’s so much easier to make choices when I can see how it will look like.“

The customer


Clients can choose between three different styles, and make customized changes within them.


With an application that runs on the web, Nordr has invested in a solution that will work in the future.


The configurator works seamlessly on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

The Furnishing Planner

Anyone can create configurators

This is where decorators at Nordr control how the look of the apartments in the configurators. Yes, you read it right: this where you configure the configurators.

Place out furniture and accessories to make the empty apartment a home

Choose how to showcase the apartment by choosing the optimal angles

Change the time of the day by setting vertical and horizontal light

“Styling an empty apartment to fit different tastes is ridiculously easy. Like playing ‘The Sims'.”

The decorator
Automated light-baking

A complicated process made easy

We have created a system that calculates and dynamically renders these textures. 

"The system helps me a lot. I just send in my plan drawing and it automatically turns into a configurator. Later, I get the plan drawing back with all choices the customers have made for every unique apartment."

The architect

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