Volkswagen VR

Groundbreaking VR tool for Volkswagen

In June 2017, Volkswagen in Sweden still didn’t have a single Arteon out on show at their 90 dealerships to lure and reassure prospective buyers into placing a pre-order ahead of the car’s release. But even if they had – the rocketing number of possible configurations of the Arteon and other Volkswagen models could never be done full justice in the physical world. Volkswagen now needed a way of persuading customers to go for the new flagship saloon without actually test-driving the real deal.

"It is by far the best auto configuration project I’ve seen in retail. We struggle internally to tell the difference between real photographs and the Unreal Engine output."

Simon Jones, Director,
Unreal Engine Enterprise

Volkswagen Sweden contracted Animech to pilot a state-of-the-art 3D virtual reality experience of the new Arteon to enable prospective buyers to custom-configure their car and lose themselves in an immersive experience of its features. They naturally also needed the VR design to link into Volkswagen’s business systems to allow dealers to generate a quote or order based on customer specs. Ultimately, the aim would be to extend the pilot to a standard configurator for visualizing endless variants of the latest Volkswagen models.


Animech deployed its proprietary Aniconfigurator software and 3D expertise to custom-design the fully immersive Volkswagen VR experience. HTC Vive headsets with their interactive controllers and tracking system were used to simulate the sight, sounds feel and handling of a responsive life-sized Arteon, from every angle of the exterior and interior. Animechs’ cutting edge VR solution would then engage customers to configure their dream machine with personalized colors, upholstery and wheel rims and indulge in exclusive extras.


The VR experience offered as standard at dealer showrooms was a world first and made waves for Volkswagen Sweden. For a revered brand and a fastback replete with the latest innovations in safety, comfort, and connectivity, Animech pulled out all the stops to showcase the Arteon, facilitate custom configurations for buyers, and help Volkswagen dealers break the ice with customers by revving up the fun factor of a vehicle purchase.

3D Visualization

Detailed items and environment

The high attention to detail, even in the scene background, perfects the illusion of actually being at the resellers real life locale.

Showing every single part of the interior, down to individual buttons and air vent blades, makes the buyer trust that they are looking at an exact replica of the real car.


Sales system connected to VR station

A clean and comfortable interface allows the seller, or the customer themselves, to easily navigate the different options and configurations.

Very visual equipment, such as rims and color, can be changed and is simultaneously updated for the customer in 3D.

VR Experience

See your car configuration in realtime VR

"This VR tool creates completely new opportunities for customers to find their favourite and for our retailers to quickly help the customers."

Andreas Fällmar, Head of Sales,
Volkswagen Sweden

Depending on the customer’s opinion, the Volkswagen VR can be experienced sitting, but getting up and going to detail should be encouraged.

Predefined viewpoints are used to display important features. Fully free movement is available as well.

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