This is us

We are Animech

Situated in the knowledge hub of Uppsala, Sweden, Animech combines engineering expertise and design excellence to create world leading visualization tools. Whether it be CPQ, interactive manuals or end customer product configuration, Animech delivers solutions that increase sales, decrease delivery times and boost customer satisfaction.

UX & Design

In the borderland of 2- and 3D, our UX team understand the importance of combining the second and third dimension when creating the end user interface. Our designers will not only deliver a top-level user experience for the finished product, they also guide our customers during the requirements phase helping them find that hidden usability feature to put the finishing touch on the interaction.


With diverse backgrounds and experiences working for life science, engineering and gaming companies, our developers build on their strengths and share knowledge when developing our systems. They are always finding and incorporating the latest techniques to our deliveries in order to surpass customer and industry expectations.

3D Visualization

As mobile devices have matured and customer awareness has increased, the importance of 3D visualization can’t be understated. The gaming industry has been driving the development but the shift toward other markets is rapid. Our 3D experts will help you find and incorporate that visualization edge to surprise your end customer and set your product apart from the competition.

We understand technology

With a history of delivering solutions to international life science companies as well as engineering industry giants, we understand your business and customers. Our project managers will not only ensure a timely delivery, they have the expertise helping you identify requirements and plan timelines and releases. Integrity is important to us. Read more about our integrity policy here.

Solving problems together

We strongly believe the group is stronger than the person and this is a belief we translate to practice in our daily delivery. A developer or designer always has full access to the whole team, brainstorming ideas and solving problems.

Our driving force

Everyone at Animech loves technology and visualization. We love the challenge of translating customer needs to working product, using new techniques for constantly pushing the limit for what is possible on your browser or mobile device.

Quotes from our partners

"Animech are curious, innovative and prestige-free. And they’re good at sharing their expertise."

Marcus Grimerö, Product Manager,
Elfa International

"This VR tool creates completely new opportunities for customers to find their favourite and for our retailers to quickly help the customers."

Andreas Fällmar, Head of Sales,
Volkswagen Sweden

"Our online sales have skyrocketed. Our customers design and equip their greenhouses themselves on their computer, in 3D."

Eric Cardell, Head of Sales,
Willab Garden

"We're able to visually represent the bigger picture – not just individual components."

Sofia Noord, Segment Market Communications Team Manager,

"Together with Animech we have pushed the technical limits on showing our home lifts to potential customers."

Ardalan Rahimi Balov, Digital Operations Manager,
Aritco Lift AB

"This sales tool help us to be more customer focused through the entire sales process."

Axel Parbel, European Marketing Manager,
GE Healthcare

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