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Boosted sales

With Aniconfigurator each customer can explore all of the options to design a product according to their specific needs and desires. Once the customer has seen what that extra option will do for the product it is hard to resist. Time and time again, Aniconfigurator has proved to increase the average order value.

Shorter sale cycles

When your customers have already seen exactly what they are going to get, the purchase decision is an easy one. In addition, as the engineering rules are built into the tool, there is no longer a need to get the experts involved in every purchase.

Cost reduction

A visual tool helps increase understanding of the product and eliminates errors in ordering. Costs are reduced by avoiding manual configuration, errors and administration, especially on an international market where languages create barriers.

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Ready-to-go interface

It’s easy to get going with Aniconfigurator. The newest feature is a standardised interface that can be customized without any programming needed. Just add brand assets like logo, colours and icons. In no time, your configurator will have the right look and feel.

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Let customers be free

Aniconfigurator works seamlessly on all devices and without plugins so that your customers can enjoy your product experience wherever they want. It’s also easy to access. Your sales force, and customers, simply go to your website, from any device, to start configuring. No need for additional, timeconsuming, downloads.

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Complete with VR or AR

Give your customers that little extra. Augmented reality is great for letting customers place your product in a chosen environment, like a greenhouse in that corner of their garden. Virtual reality is perfect for when you want them to feel like they are standing next to your product, or sitting inside it. Make your product come alive to satisfy your customers and at the same time add value to your business.

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