Unreal for Web

Animech enables Unreal4Web

Animech pushed the limits and created something amazing with Epic Games Unreal Engine. This is the world’s most advanced gaming engine when it comes to real-time 3D. Animech now presents Unreal4Web – a plug-in that makes it possible to render Unreal 3D files in the browser.


Unreal4Web was developed with the automotive industry’s needs in mind, but has the potential to be used in many different areas. It´s a groundbreaking tool that enables you to render your 3D-models and scenes, created in Unreal engine, in the browser. Unreal4Web exports Unreal 3D files directly onto the web, without losing any quality. This means, existing Unreal content can be reused which in turn saves a lot of time and money.


Unreal4Web is more than a plug-in, it’s two in one. Consisting of both an exporter, which exports Unreal 3D models and scenes to the file extension glTF, and a viewer that shows your assets online. The latter is an extended version of Epic Games own glTF viewer. This allows Unreal content to reach the web while keeping Epic quality. To make the viewer as fast and effective as possible our secret sauce is the WebGL engine PlayCanvas, used for creating interactive content in 2D and 3D.


The outcome of the project is that you are now able to visualize for example a car in interactive real-time 3D on the web. You can move through the scene, explore the car from different angles, open doors and inspect all the elements of the car in detail. The amazing photorealism gives the illusion of seeing the car for real. You can also customize colors, rims and interior according to your personal preferences. After user testing, we can verify this is a highly appreciated technology which is of great value for the end users. Unreal4Web is used not only for export but also for adaptation and configuration of the model.

Brings a new dimension to the web

Unreal4Web takes your 3D content to the web with 
key interactive Unreal features that you’re accustomed to, plus a little more. It is the bridge between your 3D assets and your web application.

Two in one

With an exporter and a viewer as ingredients you now have the ability to both export your Unreal content to glTF and also visualize it on the web.

3D has never looked so good

The possibility to export, not only the files, but also advanced textures, materials, lighting, animations and configuration logic, enables a stunning photo realistic experience for the user.