Empower your customers to make smart decisions

Aniconfigurator is a 3D enabled configure, price, quote (CPQ) software that helps you create immersive product experiences on the web based on each customer’s individual needs. It will not only inspire your customers but also increase your conversion rates dramatically. Errors in the ordering process will be eliminated and your gross margins will increase significantly. Aniconfigurator gives great business value for a rapidly growing customer base in several industries.

Boosted sales

With Aniconfigurator each customer can explore all of the options to design a product according to their specific needs and desires. Once the customer has seen what that extra option will do for the product it is hard to resist. Time and time again, Aniconfigurator has proved to increase the average order value.

Shorter sale cycles

When your customers have already seen exactly what they are going to get, the purchase decision is an easy one. In addition, as the engineering rules are built into the tool, there is no longer a need to get the experts involved in every purchase.

Cost reduction

A visual tool helps increase understanding of the product and eliminates errors in ordering. Costs are reduced by avoiding manual configuration, errors and administration, especially on an international market where languages create barriers.

Works everywhere

Whether your customers interact with you from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, we provide a seamless 3D experience that works, as is, on all platforms without plug-ins.

Aniconfigurator does not require you to download anything. Your sales force, and customers, simply go to your web site, from any device, to start configuring.

AR and VR support

Sometimes seeing your products on a screen is not enough – how will it look in the right environment and at actual size? Using Aniconfigurator, the configured product can be experienced in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). In practice, this means that the customer can experience things like how the greenhouse will look in the garden, how much space there is inside the car and how the interaction with a new instrument feels.

Complexity made simple

Not just a pretty face, our stunning graphics are backed up by our configurator which can handle advanced and complex mathematical calculations and regular expressions. The 3D visualization can even be changed parametrically on the fly with exact precision whilst configuring the product. This allows us to handle even the most complex products.

"Our online sales have skyrocketed. Our customers design and equip their greenhouses themselves on their computer, in 3D."

Eric Cardell, Head of Sales,
Willab Garden

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