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For us at Animech it is important to be completely transparent, both in how we work and how we handle the information we collect. We want to clarify why we process cookies on our website, what your rights are and what our obligations are towards you as a visitor.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Their function is to collect information about how a visitor uses a website, often to provide personalized content.

2. Why does Animech use cookies?

The whole idea behind our website is to deliver the best possible experience for our visitors. We want, among other things, to be able to present customized solutions and in-depth information, adapted to each person using the website. To do this, we track how visitors click around and how they use the site. This allows us to later provide suggestions for further reading on the specific topic or related areas.

You can of course use our website without allowing us to store cookies. However, the experience will not be as personal and amazing as it is meant to be.

If you provide us with your email address at any time during your visit to the website, the cookie will be linked to it. This allows us, with your consent, to contact you with suggestions for further reading in the area you are interested in or to suggest products we think you might be interested in.

3. What does Animech use cookies for?

Cookies are tracked using trackers, with different purposes. In our case, it is simply a matter of offering the visitor a tailor-made experience of our offer.

4. Is information transferred to a third party?

We use the following trackers to track and analyze cookies:

Google Analytics, lasting 24 months

  • The information in these cookies, including the IP address, is transmitted to Google only to enable them to perform services for Animech related to the website. Animech has no direct access to these IP numbers. Google will not transfer this information to third parties, except where required by law or where third parties process the information on behalf of Google. See all cookies from Google Analytics.
  • Purpose: These cookies help us analyze visitor behavior on the website to improve the user experience and ensure the functionality of the website.

HubSpot, lasting 24 months

  • IP number, email address.
  • Customize the visitor’s experience.
  • Purpose: To offer our visitors to subscribe to important updates/news such as new blog posts or upcoming events. The information is transferred to HubSpot. Animech has no direct access to this user data but receives statistics from the third party HubSpot on how many people have taken part in updates/news. HubSpot collects the following data about visitors: browser, operating system, which mobile device, IP number, page visited, time spent on the page, referral from page.

5. When does Animech store cookies?

Cookies are stored continuously, as long as you have given your consent. If you choose not to give us your consent for the use of cookies on our website, a cookie will be stored on your computer for the sole purpose of remembering your choice.

6. Your rights

Some prefer not to use cookies. Therefore, most browsers allow you to choose how cookies are handled.

Some browsers restrict or delete cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you review your cookie and advertising settings. Some browsers give you more precise control by allowing you to set rules for how cookies are handled on different websites. This means you can specify that cookies should only be allowed from websites you trust.

Browser settings: Most browsers have settings to prevent cookies from being downloaded to your computer. If you choose to block cookies, this may also mean that some of the features of this website (and others) will not work properly, which may limit your experience of it. The settings are normally found in the options or settings menus of your browser. To choose the right settings, you may find one of the following links helpful. You can also use the help function in your browser for more information.

Disable anonymous Google Analytics cookies: You can install a Google Analytics “browser plug-in” to prevent the website from sending information about your visit to Google Analytics. More information on this can be found below: