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The growing trend of customized products shows how technology is creating new customer experiences. Companies like Fjällräven use a 3D configurator, developed by Animech, to enable and offer a huge range of choices.

With Animech’s technology, the Kånken backpack can now be customized in 14^15 color combinations, allowing every person on the planet to have their own unique Kånken backpack.

Online visualization is not just a trend, it is revolutionizing the way people shop. By allowing customers to see a 3D model of their customized product, companies improve user engagement and satisfaction. The visual representation helps to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, leading to increased confidence in online purchases. For example, companies like Converse and Nike have seen a significant increase in sales with their customizable shoe options, largely thanks to their visualization tools.

Personalization itself is a major attraction for consumers who want to express their individuality through their purchases. It changes mass production to personalization and caters to the desire for exclusivity and uniqueness. In retail, such as outdoor and apparel, this is particularly important, where customers look for products that stand out and specifically cater to their tastes and needs. Research has shown that offering customization can increase sales by 20% or more, as it enhances the customer experience.

The digital sales process, streamlined by these technological advances, is another critical aspect. This reduces the need for a physical warehouse as products are made to order, reducing waste and storage costs. Moreover, the digital process provides valuable consumer data, allowing companies to better understand customer preferences and tailor their offers accordingly. Brands like Warby Parker have taken advantage of this and offer virtual eyewear fittings, which has led to a significant increase in their online sales.

Companies that integrated 3D visualization and customization options have seen noticeable increases in conversion rates and customer satisfaction. For example, one study showed that products with 3D visualization have a conversion rate up to 40% higher than products without. In addition, return rates are significantly lower for customized products, as they meet customer specifications more precisely.

The untapped market for customized retail products goes beyond just clothing and outdoor equipment. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for personalization across sectors is huge, we see a future where every product can be as unique as its owner. Companies entering this field will not only gain in terms of sales but also in terms of brand loyalty and market differentiation. The era of customization is here, redefining both retail and consumer expectations.

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