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In the digital marketplace, where competition is just a click away, e-commerce stores are constantly looking for new ways to engage customers, stand out from the crowd and increase sales. One tool that can really make a difference is the product configurator, a dynamic software solution that allows customers to customize products to their own preferences before buying. In this article, we look at why product configurators are so important for online stores, look at the ROI they can provide, and highlight some of the best examples created by Animech that show their potential to revolutionize the ecommerce experience.

Why are Configurators Good for Online Shops?

In the digital era, consumer expectations have never been higher. Customers are looking not only for quality and value but also for a personalized shopping experience. This is where product configurators come in as a key differentiator for online stores by offering several compelling benefits:

Increased customer engagement: Configurators turn the shopping experience into an interactive journey. Customers enjoy customizing products to their own preferences, which not only increases engagement but also the time they spend on the page.

Higher Customer Satisfaction: By allowing customers to customize products to their exact specifications, configurators significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Higher Conversion Rate: The personalized experience and satisfaction leads to higher conversion rates. Customers who invest time in customizing a product are more likely to complete the purchase.

Reduced returns: customized products better meet customer expectations, reducing the risk of returns due to dissatisfaction.

Valuable Consumer Insights: The choices customers make during customization provide valuable data on preferences and trends, helping companies tailor their offers and marketing strategies.

The benefits of using 3D technology

Working with 3D technology in product configurators takes personalization to the next level. By using realistic 3D models, customers can see their customizations in real time and from all angles, providing a more immersive and compelling experience. 3D visualizations make it possible to show details and textures in a way that regular images cannot, creating a deeper understanding and anticipation for the product. This technology is particularly powerful for products such as cars, furniture and jewelry, where every detail plays a major role in the customer’s decision. It also reduces the risk of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction because customers can see exactly what they are getting before they buy.


Return on Investment

Investing in a product configurator may seem daunting at first, given the time and resources required for its development and integration. But the returns justify the investment in several ways:

Increased Sales: The direct effect of increased engagement and higher conversion rates is an increase in sales. In addition, customers are often willing to pay extra for customized products, further increasing revenue.

Cost reduction: By reducing the number of returns, configurators reduce the costs of managing returns, restocking and reselling returned goods.

More efficient inventory management: Customized orders reduce the need to hold a wide range of stock combinations, leading to more efficient inventory management.

Competitive advantage: Offering a unique and personalized shopping experience can set a store apart from competitors, attract more customers and foster brand loyalty.

The ROI of a product configurator is not only measurable in immediate financial terms, but also in long-term brand value and customer relationship building.


Examples of Amazing Configurators Created by Animech

Animech, a leader in the development of interactive and user-friendly product configurators, has created several notable examples that underline the transformative potential of these tools in e-commerce.

Car configurator: Animech developed a car configurator that allows potential buyers to customize their vehicle online and in VR at dealerships. Customers can choose the model, color, wheels, interior options and more, and see their choices in real time in a 3D visualization. This configurator not only increases customer engagement but also helps in the decision-making process, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Furniture Configurator: Recognizing that many people want personalized homes, Animech created a furniture configurator that allows users to choose materials, colors and designs for sofas, tables and chairs. This tool has been crucial in reducing hesitation to buy expensive products online, as customers can make sure the product fits their style and space before ordering.

House and conservatory configurator: To meet the demand for personalized housing solutions, Animech developed a house and conservatory configurator. These configurators allow customers to choose everything from size, models, roofing materials and facade colors to window designs and gutters, satisfying both aesthetic preferences and functional needs. The engaging customization process creates a deeper personal connection to the project and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Costume Configurator: To conquer the luxury market, Animech has developed a costume configurator that offers an exclusive experience to design personalized costumes. Customers can choose the fabric, color, cut, and details like buttons and linings, and watch their unique creation come to life. This high level of personalization enables the desire for unique, stylish suits for customers worldwide.

These examples highlight Animech’s expertise in creating configurators that not only meet the diverse needs of online shoppers but also address specific industry challenges, demonstrating the versatility and impact of the tools across sectors.



Product configurators represent a frontier in e-commerce innovation, offering a symbiotic solution that improves the customer experience while driving sales and efficiency for online stores. The ROI of integrating such a tool is significant and goes beyond pure sales figures by encompassing brand differentiation, customer loyalty and the collection of valuable data. Animech’s pioneering work in this area demonstrates the potential of configurators to not only meet but exceed consumer expectations, setting a new standard for personalized online purchases. As e-commerce continues to evolve, the role of product configurators in shaping the future of retail is becoming increasingly important, paving the way for a new era of interactive and personalized shopping experiences.