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Neglecting technological developments is likely to cost your business a fortune. Therefore, there is only one thing you can do to reduce costs: use a product configurator. Read on to find out why an Aniconfigurator from Animech is the key to increasing revenue for your business.

What is a 3D product configurator?

A 3D product configurator is an interactive tool that allows customers and consumers to customize products according to their own preferences. But what sets 3D product configurators apart from other customization tools is the fact that the technology allows you to make changes and see changes and choices in real time. They can choose custom options, colors, textures and much more – all via a digital product configurator. This saves production costs and reduces product waste as customers make all the necessary changes before production. Keep reading to learn more about product configurators and how they benefit your business.

Aniconfigurator keeps you up to date with developments

Today’s e-commerce industry is booming, and because there is often a lack of information about the product, customers are increasingly dissatisfied. Returning products that do not meet expectations is an unpleasant experience that most people can relate to. Another important aspect that e-retailers are well aware of is that a returns warehouse and the ecosystem around returned goods with too high costs, which is not beneficial for their ROI. Aniconfigurator can solve all these problems and also give your e-commerce business bragging rights. Many large e-commerce companies have already started using 3D technology, and their conversion rates have skyrocketed since then. A product configurator can help your e-commerce business reduce product development costs by:

Streamlining visualization

Product visualization is an important subset of design. It is mainly about creating convincing 3D models and presenting them to customers. 3D product images are more impressive than regular text-based descriptions. The reason is that modern software can create amazing images with different product options, materials and add-ons. You have probably seen them on top-rated websites on the internet. Your business can also use a product configurator to build the perfect product model in real time without wasting resources. Let’s say you choose this option over a conventional option, such as photography. In that case, your product development costs will be drastically reduced because you won’t need photographers, lighting technicians, stylists, etc. to create great images.

Reducing the risk of errors

Rework can cost your business millions. Does that sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Frequent rework is costly as it requires equipment, materials and labor. Extensive changes and makeovers also take a lot of time, time that you can use for other purposes, such as building your brand. Use the Aniconfigurator to avoid costly rework that damages your results. Instead, you can use predefined rules that reduce the risk of human error, either at the checkout or when sending the material lists to manufacturers. Retailers or manufacturers dealing with complex products should use top-level visualization tools to ensure accuracy. Otherwise, mistakes and errors may become more frequent, which will significantly affect your financial performance.

Reduce project completion time

Product configurators collect all the information that clients enter into the platforms when viewing objects and customize them according to their preferences (within your preset configuration rules). This in turn allows manufacturers to use automation throughout the quote-to-production process without wasting too much time requesting information from sales representatives. By using the product configurator to reduce lead times, you can make huge cost savings. After all, the more time you spend on product development, the more you spend on labor and similar expenses. To make matters worse, longer lead times cause massive cash tie-ups in huge warehouses. You can use these monetary resources in other important aspects, including new idea generation and commercialization of finished products.

Enabling more advanced design

Product packaging is the material or component that covers a finished product. Its primary purposes include securing and protecting the product. Without product packaging design, you cannot create the exterior of the product. If this part is missing or substandard, it will be impossible to enjoy everything listed above. Unfortunately, most design agencies charge exorbitant fees. A small company may ask for $10,000, while specialized agencies charge much more! Fortunately, you can avoid spending these high sums by using an online product configurator. This software allows you to create any object’s exterior and packaging solutions such as cardboard boxes at affordable and sometimes customizable prices.

Communicate with visual assets that work better than text

3D images communicate better than text. Therefore, if you use them to educate customers, you can expect better results and higher customer satisfaction. Although customer education is not in itself a phase of product development, it is nevertheless a prerequisite. Your business cannot downplay or eliminate it because training teaches customers how to use and value products properly. When your organization offers free or subsidized training to customers, you shoulder the financial burden. Instead of making it heavier by using texts that customers struggle to understand, why not use a product configurator and let people explore anything from any angle?

Animech has the technology for advanced product rendering

Ultimately, brands need a way to replace the physical store experience with online shopping. Visual commerce product rendering through an Aniconfigurator allows you to bridge that gap while creating engaging ways to connect customers to your product – making the shopping experience better. Animech enables brands to create and manage beautiful photorealistic, 3D and augmented reality product images at scale. We have a driven team that is looking forward to developing your marketing with modern technology. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you use a product configurator to increase your revenue.