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If you want your product or business to succeed, marketing and advertising are the most effective methods to use. But traditional methods are no longer the way to go, as customers are looking for innovation and fresh thinking. Now is the time for 3D marketing and 3D advertising to make your business visible. In this article, we will carefully examine everything related to 3D marketing and advertising. We will discuss the benefits, touch on some examples and forecast the future of this industry. First, let’s dig into what is actually involved in 3D marketing and advertising.

What is 3D advertising and marketing?

3D ads can be used in digital marketing and advertising. However, remember not to use these terms interchangeably. Although they are similar, a few differences set them apart.

Marketing is the practice of learning more about your customers’ habits and needs, and thinking of ways to meet those needs. On the other hand, advertising practice is to promote a business through dedicated paid media channels. This is how 3D technology is affecting these two industries:

3D visualization for marketing purposes

3D visualization in marketing is a great way to increase your customers’ interest in your products. For example, you can create a 3D visual representation of your product and let your customers interact with it in real time. If we take shoes as an example, 3D modeling allows customers to change the color of the shoes, zoom in and out, see a 360 view and even rotate the image.

3D modeling in advertising

Interactive 3D advertising is a new and improved way to reach your audience and attract their interest. But where is 3D used in advertising? The best way to explain is to share some examples of 3D advertising:

Audible has recently worked with a marketing agency to create a 3D promotional video. This immersive advertising has brought in many customers and has shown that the brand can keep up with trends.

Samsung is another company that used 3D visualization to showcase its new Galaxy Tab A tablet. They have displayed the product in multiple environments, which improves the overall experience.

A third example is Animech and our collaboration with Fjällräven, where a new 3D configurator was developed. The configurator can now be accessed directly from Fjällräven’s website via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, and visualize the result in real-time 3D.

10 reasons why you should consider using 3D marketing

3D modeling has a wide range of applications, including advertising. But since many are still unfamiliar with this concept, one might wonder how exactly 3D marketing and advertising will help their strategy. So, let’s cover the main benefits of 3D rendering:

It is cost-effective

Believe it or not, 3D marketing concepts and advertising campaigns are much more cost-effective than traditional campaigns. While it is true that you have to invest some money in hiring a high-quality 3D design agency, it still requires fewer steps than having to organize photo shoots and finalize prototypes.

Not only that, but you will also be able to make quick edits, simplifying the whole process. Prototypes require time to perfect. Usually you have to wait at least a couple of days to get a new prototype. In 3D visualization, however, you can make major edits in minutes.

Speaking of images, this is something that search engines really value.

It gives you impressive high quality visualization.

So far, images have been the most effective in terms of product visualization. Luckily, recent innovations have allowed us to breathe even more life into product images. You can create a hyper-realistic representation of virtually any product or idea.

Using pictures or drawings is good, but it takes a lot of time to create, it takes up space and it’s not as immersive. On the other hand, a single 3D model can showcase your idea and all its features in a sophisticated and appealing way. You can move around the object and provide a 360 view of the design using its actual dimensions and realistic parameters in different contexts.

It modernizes your brand

A 3D advertising campaign is a great way to stand out from the crowd in a modern and unique way. An important part of any marketing strategy is the ability to keep up with the latest trends. And what is more modern than using 3D technology to showcase, promote and advertise your products?

Customers love brands that are not afraid to embrace new trends. Precisely because no one wants to work with outdated models and strategies. 3D rendering is a unique way to showcase your ideas, products and concepts.

A brand with a modern look will be rewarded by search engines. It shows that you are credible, up-to-date and informative – and search engines like that, such as Google.

It gives you control over smaller details

Attention to detail is what separates ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns from high quality ones. Photos are a bit tricky, because if you over-edit them, it will be quite obvious. This will not only have a negative impact on your campaign, as customers look through overly fabricated images.

3D visualization, on the other hand, allows you to edit the smallest of details in seconds. And 3D renderings also look photorealistic. Your customers will appreciate the effort and enjoy the convenience.

Increasing customer satisfaction will – both verbally and through Google’s penchant for popularity – increase the flow of traffic to your business online.

It allows you to separate marketing and production.

Marketing and production are two crucial processes in achieving success for almost any product or idea. Given that they are quite codependent (if your business is not comfortable and efficient), the marketing section will suffer.

The marketing department depends on the operations department because they have to wait for prototypes. And sometimes the editing and modification of prototypes can last for weeks. With 3D animation in advertising and marketing, you can completely remove the co-dependency between the two departments, thus increasing efficiency and output.

You can sell the experience, not just the product.

This is one of the most important rules of marketing – don’t just sell and promote the product. To really attract your customers, you should sell them an experience or lifestyle. Products are interchangeable unless you give them additional purpose and meaning.

Make sure you show how your product will change your customers’ lives. Use 3D renderings to create mood and atmosphere, instead of just a regular product design. 3D animation is extremely versatile and flexible, which is why you can also use it to build anticipation and attract your customers.

It is easily scalable to suit your advertising needs

As we have briefly mentioned in the section above, 3D animation is quite versatile. The problem with traditional marketing and advertising is that they are usually much more difficult to scale. What if your advertising efforts skyrocket and suddenly you have to revise your entire strategy to support demand?

3D models can be modified to suit any form of advertising. You can use the same model on a business card and on a massive billboard. Plus, if you outsource 3D rendering services, you don’t even have to worry about changing or increasing your office space if demand increases – the outsourced companies will take care of all your needs.

It brings your idea to life

There is nothing more effective than being able to present your idea accurately and realistically. While prototypes do a good job, we cannot argue that they are inefficient and time-consuming. 3D product rendering does exactly the same thing, except that it eliminates the need for week-long revisions.

It improves your conversion rates

Since 3D technology is so appealing, it will undoubtedly increase your conversion rates. Both consumers and customers appreciate innovation and effort, which is why they are more likely to choose your product. Because the market is too saturated, it can be difficult to stand out and sell. The only reliable way to break out of it is to introduce something your competitors don’t have – 3D animation and modeling, especially in e-commerce.

This allows you to keep up with competitors and large retailers.

As we have already mentioned, competition is very fierce. So making your product or service stand out is imperative if you are to keep up with large retailers. Large retail companies usually have crazy budgets, which is why they are always on top of their game. Be among the first to implement 3D visualization and you will reach the top in no time.

The future of 3D visualization in marketing and advertising

3D marketing technology is already making a name for itself in the marketing and advertising industry. But how has 3D animation changed marketing and what can we expect in the future? Here are some statistics.

One thing is certain – 3D visualization is here to stay. In 2018, the 3D rendering industry has reached $1.5 billion in value. According to a 2019 report, this industry is expected to reach over $6 billion in value by 2025.

Customers are bored of seeing the same thing again. And 3D marketing has the ability to create immersive ads that will impress your customers. This has proven to be a sustainable model, especially in these pandemic-affected times when most of us are forced to stay at home.

With 3D rendering, you don’t need a whole team to prepare the set and take pictures. Everything can be done on a computer, making this a perfect solution for anyone who has experienced these pandemic-related difficulties.

Many factors show that this is not a fade. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, convenient, modern and cost-effective. We can’t say for sure what the future of this industry will look like, but we are certainly excited to see it develop and improve.


As you can see, 3D marketing and advertising is anything but ordinary and boring. They will increase your conversions, improve your reputation, save you a lot of money and bring in more customers and brand recognition.

At Animech, we have the knowledge to support and enable all your wildest 3D marketing and advertising needs and ideas. In addition to offering 3D animation services, we also do other forms of 3D visualization.