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In the world of e-commerce, people want to see product images that help them make the right choice when shopping. If your sales materials don’t meet expectations, you will only hurt your own chances of making sales. In this post, we’ll look at some common examples of how poor product visualization is killing your sales.

No matter what kind of products you sell, you should always offer images that optimize the customer experience. Shoppers no longer want to see basic 2D product images and descriptions that vaguely illustrate the product – they want an in-depth product rendering to have an authentic interaction with the product. Below are three common examples of how poor product visualization frustrates your potential customers.

Lack of product visualization gives insufficient overview of the product

One of the problems with traditional photography and product photography is the limited ability to capture products. Even if you have a selection of high-quality product design photos on your e-commerce store, they may not really capture your range.

Having some nice pictures may impress your customers to some extent, but it will be far from enough. People will want to see products from all angles and in all types of environments, which conventional product photography may not achieve.

Instead, it is best to give your customers the chance to interact with virtual products that best represent the physical product. If you use online 3D product visualizations – Aniconfigurator from Animech – you can enable customers to interact with virtual products much like they would with the physical end product.

Using 3D models and a comprehensive product configuration solution, customers would be able to rotate and zoom in on product renderings. This would give them a more solid impression of what the actual product will look like, before they buy.

In the process, you help eliminate any doubt about what customers can expect when they complete their order. A product configurator is guaranteed to increase your sales.

They do not reflect customized options

If you offer customizable products, your customers want to see how their choices affect the look and functionality of the product. Traditional product images are limited in reflecting changes made to the base product. When customers make choices that affect the look and feel of the product, they should be able to clearly see how their choices affect the design. While updated product photos can give an idea of what these changes do, 3D product rendering can go much further with this.

Using Aniconfigurator with 3D product visualizations gives customers real-time rendered images that are updated as changes are made. Customers can see the product from all perspectives, and they will really get a sense of how their choices affect the design.

They do not give a sense of the actual proportions of the product.

Some products, like furniture, need images that accurately reflect their dimensions. Having generic product photos showing the design along with measurements can give customers a sense of what the product will look like in the real world.

However, they will not really give a sense of the size of the product. And today, this inadequacy is something customers are happy to do without. Today’s consumers are so well versed in the technological landscape that this lack of proportionate perception will leave them disappointed.

For example – when a customer buys a custom sofa online, they want to see if it will fit in their living room or another space before they buy. They also want to see if the product fits in with the rest of the surrounding furniture and decor.

It is often easy to measure the fit and feel of a product in a physical store. But this experience is severely limited online. If you want to replicate the in-store shopping experience, consider implementing 3D technology using augmented reality (AR) – Aniconfigurator.

AR technology enables customers to use their mobile devices to display 3D content in physical spaces. They carry the platform in their pocket – your job is to match with the best product configurator.

Give your customers what they are looking for with interactive 3D product visualization

Ultimately, traditional photography and product images can frustrate customers in some significant ways. You don’t want to look bad to customers because of a lack of technology and see them choose a competitor. Using 3D visualizations for products can give retailers the opportunity to really impress customers and encourage more sales.

A high-quality 3D product visualization tool would enable photo-realistic 3D assets in a fully interactive configurator. Users can then see products as they would look in real life, whether in the configurator or in the real world when using AR technology.

Customers will feel more confident about their purchases if they can see products more closely and with consistent accuracy. Reliable 3D product visualization services would facilitate this. You will help customers make informed purchasing decisions and guide them effectively along the buying journey.

Choose a product configurator from Animech

Ultimately, businesses need a way to respond to technological developments. Aniconfigurator allows you to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D product visualization while creating engaging ways to connect customers to your product – making the shopping experience better.

Animech enables brands to create and manage beautiful photorealistic, 3D and AR product images at scale. We have a driven team that is looking forward to developing your marketing with modern technology.

Visit us online to learn more about how we can help you use visual technology to convert consumers.