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Situated in the knowledge hub of Uppsala, Sweden, Animech combines engineering expertise and design excellence to create world leading visualization tools. Whether it be CPQ, interactive manuals or end customer product configuration, Animech delivers solutions that increase sales, decrease delivery times and boost customer satisfaction. Read more…


Groundbreaking VR tool

A groundbreaking VR tool that creates completely new opportunities for customers to find their favorite car.

Willab Garden

Build your greenhouse in 3D

Customers can build their greenhouse to their every need and get a quote within seconds. Truly a helpful tool in the sales process.


Customized storage planning tool

A new planning tool that enables Elfa’s customers to plan their customized storage solutions directly on the web.


How Virtual Car became Virtual Anything

How does one of the worlds leading manufacturers show and explain exactly how they work and how important they are, for people who are not trained engineers? The Virtual Car concept makes it possible.

GE Healthcare

Visual configurator for customer focused sales

The new generation protein purification instrumentation was complemented by the latest technology in sales tools.

Join us at Animech!

Companies around the world are really opening their minds to digital visualization and how real-time 3D applications create value. Animech is a fast growing company with a very exciting journey ahead of it. Read more…

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